My personal commitment comes from my grandfather, Albert Numa Jaques. Albert was the youngest in the family of Jules Felix and Marie Joseph, and left L'Auberson at the age of fifteen. Grandpapa never forgot the village he came from, or the people he knew as a child. Around the dinner table as a child I listened to the innumerable tales of that time. So it is in his honor that I am dedicating this website.

The family reunion in L'Auberson highlights the fact that our family has grown substantially over the years, in Switzerland, in the U.S., and elsewhere. As time has passed we have lost many of the connections we once took for granted. This is especially the case now that most of Jules Felix's and Marie Joseph's grandchildren are no longer with us. Having some way of recording our family history, and staying connected in spite of our differences in geography, language, and every-day lives, therefore seemed to me to be a worthwhile endeavor. The Internet, of course, provides us with the ideal medium for this purpose. Thus I have attempted to design a website that will provide our family with an understanding of our family history, a written and photographic record of our forebears, and an interactive medium by which we can stay in touch.

David Schroeder